There is beauty that has yet to be discovered. We have come a long way as a species and some of the qualities that grew with us are the ability to be open minded, and to want to experience new things.

How long has it been since you did something that is out of your comfort zone? And without caring about what others might say or do to prevent you from exploring all that you can be?

This beauty is in you. If you are aching to seek new experiences and have a body that is well spent (after all, what good is a well preserved body at the end of the day when you can wear the badges of your battles with pride), this is the new grounds you need to explore.

Some say that pole dancing has its roots in the wrong soil but the dancers have since made it grow into a tree with diversifying branches, from the sports and gymnastics related to the sensual and expressive. Much criticism of pole dancing has been received from the public who are not at all open to the idea that pole dancing can actually be a healthy form of exercise that gives both women and men the confidence and strength that is unparalleled by any other.

We can’t wait for the day that people will no longer raise an eyebrow or give remarks such as “ooo pole dancing I will want to be your pole” (which, by the way, we can be sure that they are not strong enough for).
The pole community is a close knitted one and with the dismissal of the common folk, most artistes have their focus on breaking new grounds on the pole and perfecting the art in their own ways instead. Having set up schools to educate and let people into the art form, it is still a slow process to fully change the mindset of society. After all, it is not something that is relevant to most people.

To the masses, criticizing what our pioneers have achieved in pole and choosing to remain oblivious to the fact that pole dancing can be taken out of the bars much like how dance in general can be taken out of the clubs, is not going to do the imagination any good. There are sports that have come a long way and there are new variations of how people can take up such sports now (have you seen the sport where people put a hydrophobic layer on their shoes and attempt at breaking records for running on water?) and we are on our way to unlocking more of what humans can now do.

We are more than just numbers, desk bound jobs and soulless pursuits. Sometimes we work so hard, we neglect our bodies mind and soul, and even get deluded that that is what we want or need.

Come have a taste of something you will never regret trying out. Something you will never look back in future and wonder why didn’t you take that first step.

Come and be part of our pole dancing journey as we are part of yours.

The perfect blend of fitness, flow and dance awaits you at Studio Sands.

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