Please read the following before returning to Studio Sands:

  1. Vaccination declaration and mask on for all

In accordance with Safe Management Measures for Sports and Physical Exercise & Activity issued 25 September 2021, Vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (SMM) will be implemented in the studio.

  1. Due to the use of common equipment, we will have to keep records of all your vaccination status prior to class. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated will be allowed into the class.
  2. To do so, please fill up the following form before returning to the studio. You would only be required to fill up the form once and updated subsequently when your vaccination status is updated:

  1. Studio Sands Instructors may ask you to verify your vaccination status again in the studio.
  2. Masks on at all times.

Other SMMs

  1. Please have your temperature taken before entry and ensure you are properly checked in by TraceTogether-only SafeEntry (TT-only SE) or SafeEntry Gateway (SEGW).
  2. All classes and trials will be capped at 9 pax + 1 teacher in Studio.
  3. You MUST bring your own cloth to wipe down poles with the provided disinfectant between each use.
  4. Upon entering the Studio, you are to look for red “X” on the ground to place your belongings. Each “X” will  correspond to a specific pole in the studio (look for numbers on pole and X). Individuals are only to move/stay close to their “X” and pole.
  5. 2 individuals can share a pole on alternate uses or use each 1 pole. Every group of 2 must be at least 2m away from each other at all times.
  6. Poles which should not be used are labelled in the studio. Do not touch or use these.
  7. Studio doors will only open 10 mins before class commences; and close 10 minutes after class commences. Please arrive and depart on time.
  8. Avoid physical contact within the class unless absolutely necessary (safety first!). Yoga mats should not be used at all, please bring your own knee pads/cloth for stretching purposes. Beginner Mini Girls will not require use of crash mats.
  9. Strictly no sharing of pole or cloths allowed.
  10. Wash your hands frequently with soap and bring hand sanitizer/antibacterial wipes around with you. Hand sanitizers and alcohol disinfectant will be available in the studio.
  11. Studio Sands reserves the right to refuse entry should any of the above not be complied with.

Refunds due to reasons associated with COVID19 SMM measures

  1. Should you be unable to return to studio due to COVID19 related reasons such as quarantine orders/stayhome notice, please write into ASKSTUDIOSANDS@GMAIL.COM with:

a)poof of reason (example: MOH message screenshot or tracetogether screenshot

b)Lessons which will be missed

c)Studio Sands will either refund cash or credits on a case by case basis.