As some of you girls have realized, we have both 40mm and 45mm poles installed in Studio Sands to cater to the needs of various girls. What’s the difference you may ask? We provide an explanation below:

50mm Pole


50mm was previously the standard pole size used in US and international competitions. Due to their thickness, they are generally safer to be installed on high ceilings.

Good for:

  • Girls with really thin legs doing sits and thigh holds
  • Big hands

Not so fantastic:

  • Hard and painful to wrap around the pole

45mm Pole


A median amongst the large and small sized poles, the 45mm is taking the place of the 50mm pole as the new standard pole size used in international competitions.

Good for:

  • Less squeezing required for sits and thigh holds VS the 40mm
  • Overall training: If you can do tricks on the 45mm pole, the 40mm should be a breeze for you as more grip is required while you will have to be more flexible to wrap around a thicker pole

Not so fantastic:

  • Grip for girls with smaller hands will be tougher, so you will have to rely more on your muscles for movement with a less firm grip. ie, you will let those muscles grow!

40mm Pole


First made available in Australia, this size is gaining popularity due to its easy grip, particularly for petite girls in Asia.

Good for:

  • Girls with small hands and overall stature will find it easier to hold onto the pole or wrap around it
  • Good for leg hangs

Not so fantastic:

  • Girls with larger hands may find the pole awkward to grasp (over grip)
  • Once your muscles have adapted to the smaller poles, transition to the thicker international standard 45mm poles may be a pain
  • Less secure and stable for extremely high ceilings

The StudioSands Pole Map


You may be tempted to use the same poles every time you come by for lessons or practice, but we recommend rotating between poles once in a while to feel the difference. If you find it hard to do a trick at first due to a poor grip, perhaps practicing on a 40mm pole first would be good. But once you’ve got the hang of it, try the same trick on a 45mm to condition your muscles. A handspring on a 40mm can feel a lot more challenging on a 45mm while a jade would be significantly easier on a 45mm vs a 40mm pole.

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